The ongoing saga at the Police Rugby Club made another turn recently when the players took it upon themselves to call a special Annual General Meeting. This was because, according to them, they had been calling for one since the start of the year and management had refused to give them a date. Amongst the topics of discussion were the state of the club, the legitimacy of the allegedly self-elected club president, Hansie Dewing, as well as the voting in of a credible management committee.

Present at the annual general meeting were many of the current players, including the team captain, Bonga Mntunjani, who had been rumoured to be on his way out of the club, yet made a spectacular return to be voted in as president at the AGM. Conspicuous by his absence was Mr Dewing himself, who has declined to comment when we have contacted him. Not only was he not available at the meeting, but Olutsha Live has obtained messages in which he tried to expel certain members of the club and threatened to exercise legal action if they entered the club premises ever again.

However, it was the players at the AGM that were relentless in their pursuit of getting rid of Mr Dewing, a man that they were adamant had never been democratically elected to be president and had simply appointed himself into the role without any meeting or handover ceremony.

“If Hansie was president, then please tell us where the minutes and attendance registers are for that annual general meeting that appointed him,” inquired Andiswa Molo, a long-time club member and newly elected additional member at the AGM. “This is a man that simply saw a gap and thought we would be stupid enough to allow him. How can you wake up one day and decide that you are the president of a structure without ever being voted in? This is either pure arrogance or yet another case of white people undermining structures that are dominated by blacks.” She went on to say.


Post the AGM there have been numerous back and forth communications between the new executive and Mr Dewing. None of which have yielded much success. If anything, they have led to Mr Dewing, the man refusing to hand over power after being voted out, threatening to ban rugby from the field. So serious have the threats become that there is a chance that Police will not honour its fixture this Saturday coming against Berlin Tigers.

It’s unclear how things will turn out in the future for the club. But the league starts in just two days. It will be interesting to see which team comes out (if any at all) of the dugout. Will it be the one where Hansie Dewing is president, legitimate or not? Or will it be the one that the players recognize and have voted for? Time will tell

Newly elected structure:

  • President: Bonga Mntunjani
  • Vice_President: Sivuyile Yawa
  • Secretary: Kuhle Thumana
  • Treasurer: Loyiso Ndaba
  • Club Captain: Mbulelo Mtyoko
  • Additional Members: Andiswa Molo and Vumile Tanana

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